In 2012 or 2013 I had coded a Mandelbrot set generator. It used five languages, was clumsy compiling a program for every point, and eventually it worked. I soon thereafter had a dream where I saw Manny’s face and heard that I would find it inside the Mandelbrot. I was asked in the dream "what do you think this is?" I said a dragon. It (a voice that seems to be identified as John) said ”Are you sure it’s not a lamb?” I didn’t think so at the time as it was red and purple, the colors the Face was when I initially found it in code. When I woke up I thought this was just a dream though it had seemed real at the time. I now believe He's a lamb.

I was at a gathering when I had a thought, “The cat’s going to repeat itself”. I quietly said to watch to the room of people. But over the banter no one acknowledged me. I bounced a spring over the cat's head. It circled the couch I was sitting on while I picked up the spring. This repeated 3 times.

In 2018 I heard “What would be the symbolic meaning of 7-17? Then what of 7-18?” I replied 7-17 is the day of the seventh son (I had discovered I was a seventh son on 7-17-2017.) I said 7-18 is the day the seventh son becomes the eighth son. And on 7-18 of the Hebrew year about a month or two later I got the new’s that my cousin Michelle had died making me the 8th oldest male cousin in a row.

“What street do you think you’ll live on?” I was asked while watching an ad for "something x". I said either "x" or River (there was an ad for insurance about how many River Streets there were in the United States). The interrogatory voice asked somewhat briskly “Based on context which do you think is meant?” I replied “X then”. It also said the apartment’s address was obvious or simple. Maybe six months later I was given an apartment on "x" Road. I didn’t even know there was a "x" Road until I was brought to the apartment! The address was simple. This is where I found The Face.

After the initial discovery of the Face in code in February of 2019 I’d been exploring variations of the Face’s polynomial. After about half a year of this since I’d found the face, I heard “What haven’t you tried?” I replied ”Square root”, and then I applied it to the equation I had at the moment (2 times the Face’s polynomial; this would suggest either the evil number or the good number) and it turned out that was the exact polynomial of the the body which I found expressly.

In the late spring early summer of 2021 I heard “What would a mathematician do?” I replied “x to the third!“ I calculated x^3 in the complex plane using Wolfram (well mostly with Wolfram, except I negatized it myself). And then I found seven clovers using a clue I found earlier of how the body reacts to the logarithm, filling a hollow with intricate fractal. I had said in the first half of the final seven that I wanted to design a tesselating hexagonal flower fractal.

I was wondering at all the prophecies that had come true so I thought that it seemed like it would just make sense that as I was a big fan of superman (having once worn a costume under my clothes to preschool) that my name in another language would be Kalel, Superman’s Kryptonian name. A few months later I was on Biblehub when I saw an ad for a "to Hebrew" name translator. It translated Kevin to Kalil or "whole". I noticed in highschool on the periodic table, starting above krypton, element 36 and Superman's homeworld, on the periodic table is spelled Cl-Ar-K. Well by xenon, which is below krypton, is "I" for iodine. So it would seem "'I' am" who is from Xenon.

I noticed that my birth time 6:12 January 5, was nearly a palindrome: 61216. I had a hunch and that this pattern had trigonometric properties and it did: -cos(612)/-cos(216)=2.61…=golden ratio squared or plus one. At that time I recalled and read Zechariah 6:11 which said to put a crown of silver and gold on Joshua’s head. I reasoned from this verse that if the time of my birth was related to the golden ratio, the location of the same should be somehow the silver ratio, such that the space time would be silver and gold. I looked up the location of the hospital where I was born and found the helipad coordinates. They were Latitude 42-00-06N, Longitude 83-56-16W. I rounded this and removed zeroes to get 42 degrees,1 decaSecond, by 83 degrees, 56 minutes, 2 decaSeconds. The silver ration is 2.414213562… So Putting it all together: 6:12 1-6 was 24 hours or 1 day after I was born at the location 42 1 83 56 2. The 8 is all that is out of place. Also the elevation was estimated to be 241 meters. I estimate the probability of this close of a match to the silver ration as 1/((((10,000/3 * 1000/2 * 1000) / 1.5) / 10) / 10) / 2 = 1/5,555,555 or one out of five million or so. That's 10000 for the four digit match, /3 because it is one part out of three of the whole number. Similarly 1000/2, because there are now two parts left and it is a three digit match or 1/1000. Then 1000 for the final match. /1.5 to account for optional rounding. /10/10 for the error 8, being one digit of 10 and in one place of 10 places. /2 for choice of units.

On January 5th, 1992 an annular solar eclipse started, it ended on January 4th, 1992. This was one of "a semester of" eclipses 177 days apart.

Half a year (not on a leap year) after Epiphany, January 6, is 7-7, Chocolate Day, and I was called Chocolate Drop, when I was a boy by Carol Poor. Also 6 is twice 3, 1 equals 1, and 2 is half 4 and Pi is 3.141592.... 6/2=3,1/(2/2)=1,2/(2/2/2)=4,January(1),5th,(19)92. Kevin Legrismith means "Beloved Birth, The Grey Smith" and I think grismith sounds like Christmas.

The Denham tracts, a book of folklore published in the 1800’s, said a seventh son would have the “seven starns” on his right side or breast as an “attestation” that he could heal. I read this after I discovered I was a seventh son so I checked for the arrow of the Pleiades and sure enough, there were moles in the pattern of a stretched Pleiades arrow on my right side and breast. Then I noticed I have Orion (which is like a Tau-Rho, ⳨, a monogram symbolizing Jesus on the cross), also in moles, on my left forearm. After this I realized there was the Big Dipper on my left bicep, Leo on my right. Below my right eye is a diamond of moles and on the right side of my head three more vertical moles, suggesting by contextual inference the Little Dipper. I had noticed Orion's belt in elementary school and wondered if it was related to the constellation, but either the rest of it wasn't there yet or I just didn't know what Orion looked like. The Pleiades, Orion, the Big Dipper, and the Little Dipper are all known as the seven stars. Here's documentation. This was all foreshadowed when I was a young boy and I met Cindy Crawford at a candy store and found out what a beauty mark was, and that I had one like her. Also an odd note: all the bones in the body of my right hand, except not one, were broken by a punch I threw into a lightpost.

I was sitting on the street when I heard a thought say “Achoo”. Maybe half a minute later a little girl walked by and sneezed.

There have been too many more prophetic experiences during the final seven to recount.


Let old disputes rest peacefully,

and new ideas spring forth from the Word.

Forgive and be forgiven. And comfort the sick for it is of much avail with the Word in deed.


Just about 1535-Decree to rebuild Jerusalem went out.

June 7, 1967 Jerusalem restored to the Jews during the Six Day War.

October 2014, most likely late on the night of the 10th or early in the morning of the 11th (known to be so by the fullness of the moon and a remark that a few days ago had been a blood moon. I found the bloodmoon was on the 8th.): I heard and saw the golden oval and it's red frets around the moon.

12-20-2014 My friend saw a great red meteor.

In the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015 I got a dot flying, controlled by singing. Just before this I had developed a "draw a singing line\tree" program. This was a start to Zone:X. I had a notion that the twelve notes were twelve frets or fruits, hence The Tree of Life. I came to believe that if I believed in it, it may be (or become) Holy, the Tree of Life & Heaven.

7-17-17 Realized I was the seventh son of the seventh son. The greenhouse at my work was taken down for the end of the season. I went to bed at midnight having read online that seventh sons have the gift of prophecy and had a dream that there was a gathering at the lawn at my work. The next day as I was arriving at work there was a man named John for an organization called Raising Hell for Raven putting up a sign for a music festival which a few weeks thereafter took place.

These lists start with the oldest, the ages are from memory and are generally accurate, and are (of course) mostly boys except for Michelle!!

Of the library book clubs children: Henry, Adam, Davy, Eli, Virgil, Alex, and me.

Of the children at or nearby the camp where I lived: Brian, Alex, John and Joe, Steven, Joshua, and me.

Of my cousins on my Mom's side: Max, Michelle, Tim, Matthew, Greg, Mark, John, Alex, and me.

And as a Christian I am a son of The Son of David, The Seventh Son.

2-12-2018 around 4 o’clock in the morning saw a waking vision (in my mind as a dream) of an angel falling into swirling waters who was identified by me as perhaps being the angel Michael, as the red meteor had already depicted satan falling from heaven so I thought maybe Michael was wounded in his battle and had fallen. Then I ended a 5.72ish day fast with water from a creek. Near the end of the fast water was condensing on my moustache and dripping in what felt like great abundance over my lips. I was in Ann Arbor during much of this time as well as thousands of ravens.

Sometime in the time from January to March of 2018 I had a thought, a prophecy, which I kept to myself until after it had been fulfilled. It was that one of the symbolic meanings of the date 7-18, the Hebrew day after Easter, was my cousin’s death as it would represent the seventh son becoming the eighth.

4-2-2018 or 7-18 on the Hebrew calendar at around nightfall: got the news my cousin Michelle had died from falling from a bridge into a river.

February 2019, I found Manny’s face in code which I had seen in a vivid dream in 2013 or 2012. In the dream I had heard I would find it in the Mandelbrot.

2019 Spring-Felt rectangular prisms and spheres in space around me. I could move them at will, and they had the power to control the flow of the wind. This sense reached through walls and came with intimate awareness of space and time. It felt like righteousness through faith. Or if you simply believed there was a point, or four, in space and tried to, say, listen and hear them.

2019 late Summer, early fall, about half a year after finding The Face (time during which I found The Four Creatures) I found the body. Before I found the body, and on the same day, I had found and left the legs, but also had quickly studied the equation just in case (you never know, eh?). Well when the body appeared later that day that case was met and I was able to sucessfully recover the legs from memory. They are the one part of Manny which is cropped (though quite naturally). This is to take "Jeremiah's stocks" with "Paul's lashes" (though they both be Christ's) away from the eyes so that they may be apparent.

2020 January-March: found Manny’s seventh horn and ear Holie covers.

2021 late Spring or early Summer - I found seven clovers.

2021 August 19, uploaded MannyWomanny to web. Had a small coffee outside a coffee shop. Took a starting equation of x=1+1/x then basically just let the energy of the equation flow x=1/(1+nx)=1+nx=n(1+nx) into x = n+n**2*x (it isn't all strictly algebraic like dropping the 1/ and 1+). And then at home Wolfram'd the complex form, and from manual negatization found a fractal I call Pizza with Friends based on the equation. This was the day of the 70th seven's conclusion and to me it represents the resurrection like good cooking. The sinner saved, the righteous edified, the good loved and 777 times the forgiveness with a hunger for understanding of The Word.

As to the seven trumpets, this link seems insightful if you take "the earth" to be "a land" or region.