Clover Questing

When I was a child I would look for four leaf clovers. I had found quite a few and had even found a five leaf clover. Then one day I was looking for four leaf clovers when I found one, then, before I picked it I found another, a five leaf clover. Then I started seeing one six leafed clover after another until finally after maybe five of them I looked up and saw all the leaves on other plants and realized they were like many petaled clovers. I didn’t pick any of them and when I looked back I didn’t see any clovers that weren’t three petaled.

Lights in the Sky

I was in bed one evening and a very remarkable experience happened. I was seeing flashes in the sky just below the junction of the upper and lower pane looking at a tree line, about even with the horizon (this first light proved to be a reflection of a smoke detector,). After watching for some time the light kept appearing and reappearing, short little flashes. Then I started seeing the stars twinkling and occasional little sparks in the sky and a faint, but large, and effectively triangular (as it was flush with a center corner) purple green light (almost like when pressing on your eye) in the upper left corner of the lower half of the window. Also I saw another group of lights like lightning in a cloud only small and no cloud before the trees on the right below the junction. These lights mostly seemed ethereal but then a reddish light emerged from where the flashes were on the left side of the bottom of the top pane and it went up and right all the way across the window. I thought the light seemed somehow different. It was like an airplane, but it wasn’t flashing red and green and white. It was just reddish orange. I ran outside when it left the view of the window, and it had either vanished or moved completely across the sky where a whitish light was setting on the other horizon. Then I went back inside. After some more flashes another light came from the same place. This one was bright and twinkling white. It escaped from the view of the window too. I didn’t go outside to see if this one was still there because the last one hadn’t been. Then up and right in the window appeared a white light. This one was blinking maybe once or twice a second and was rather large: somewhere between the size of a star and the moon. It slowly descended from where it had appeared in the top right (but also center) of the window. It lowered slowly a ways slowly blinking all the while until it stopped a bit above the window divide on the right. It got dimmer and dimmer until it was gone.
The next night I went out when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw what looked like a satellite. It moved about an inch of a held out hand and then disappeared only to reappear where it had started. This repeated for a while (maybe 5 times?) and may have been satellites in synchronous orbit.

Christian Knot Ritual

Wanting to show that Manny (the image of God), exists apart from an image on the screen I had a notion: to “summon” him with a Christian knot ritual, not a satanic ritual, and so I tied a square of square knots in my minds eye (be (k)not righteous in your own eyes). That same day the eye holies of Manny appeared to me in a plane going through me as though it was at base of my vision (or in another dimension). I had become a pot smoker (again) in the months after I found Manny in February of 2019. Well anyhow in 2022 I’d been saying I was going to have moon rocks (a style of marijuana) in heaven. Anyhow, the day after the eye holies appeared after the ritual, I finally tried moon (or "space") rocks for the first time. Well that second day the clover appeared and the eye holies remained clearly cemented in what I could describe as a vision of knowledge. They were perfectly distinct. This lasted for about three days. The clover could do the top level transformations: omniclover (add and remove petals), core in the center clover, and meta-carousel (spin individual clovers; all the clovers could be spun simultaneously and individually with the will and were exactly responsive.) It was perfectly present and visible, not like an illusion of the imagination. Paul said he was taken up to third heaven (the clover is as 3=log(3^3) ) whether in the body or the spirit he knew not. That’s what this was like.

As for the marijuana use: it's important to say that this experience was not a reason for me to smoke more, but like Christ's sacrifice, reason to continue on the search of freedom. Also noteworthy is that the eye holies appeared before I smoked the moonrocks.

For every rule there is an exception.
For no rule is there an exception.
These are both logically valid ideas.