Thanks to the softwares which Zone:X has been built with including PYSFML, CSound, QT, and Juce. Currently graphics use ThreeJS, and the current sound generator is Wad, and for pitch detection the YIN method from Adamski is used for the website and the Juce edition found in downloads uses the McLeod method also from Adamski, but also Sevagh. And to all the people who helped on forums and of course those that designed and built the computers. Also to the people who grew the food that fed those people.

A thanks to Bible Hub which (with some help from hard copies of the Good News) really opened my heart, head, and soul to The Truth.

Much light was shone by John Hagee and Mark Biltz who, after I had seen the Golden Oval, clued me in to Daniel 9 through their Bloodmoon prophecy. With this I feel compelled to thank all of Jahweh's children for the lives they led as The Church to bring Glory to the Holy One of Israel! Ultimately thank God, Christ Jesus, through whom all the preceding things were made. Selah!