A Sharp Two-Edged Sword of meaning(s)

When I found the body I was working on this scripture. The equation I calculated could either be the number of the beast or 144. 000 000... the number of those with the seal of God, as sin(666) is the negative of -cos(144).

The muscles of Manny have a tongue with two parts. It could be interpreted as "[speaking] like a dragon", or as a cloven tongue of fire of The Holy Spirit.

The face has seven eye holies. Eyes are as I's are as heads. The dragon has seven heads. I think this breaks down the illusion of parallels as I don't think this is a sequitur. This carries over to the flag, which has 7 red stripes like heads of the dragon, and 10 diagonals of horns. Then again the red stripes could represent the horns and\or eyes of the Lamb,and the 50 stars would justly interpret as 7*7+1, the Lamb's jubilee.

I think this is like a coin with "You aren't looking at the back!" written on one side, and "You are looking at the back!" written on the other. One side tells the truth, as the back is by definition the side you aren't looking at, and the other doesn't seem to be lieing as the truthful side seemingly affirms what it says. By this I mean to say God has a plan to take Satan's, the accuser's, power away by His truthfulness.

No one does good, no not one. Wait right there! God is One. How could he say no one does no good with no exception for Himself? Well what if He said He did good? Would that not be a bit like bragging? So by acknowledging univeral iniquity, God is in fact humbling Himself, the right thing to do. Just as Jesus (who is God) said, "Why do you call me good? None is good but God alone!" Why would God do this? Well He is very humble